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Sacred Pine Farmstead

Permaculture Farm
Foothills of Alberta
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Sacred Pine Farmstead operates on 6 hectares of land nestled in the beautiful Foothills of Southern Alberta near the hamlet of Bragg Creek.

We have a 65' x 32' fully heated greenhouse giving us over 2,000 sqft of indoor growing room alongside our 1/2 acre outdoor permaculture plot.

As a collective of people who love the outdoors, we stand for environmental and social responsibility. The food we grow and the land we explore, are all aimed towards low- impact living and building nature awareness.


We are local, natural, and sustainable.

On our farm, we believe in working with nature, growing organically and being responsible stewards of our earth, animals, and community. Our produce is grown without pesticides or herbicides, and we utilize sustainable and regenerative methodologies to heal and nurture soil biology. With healthy fertile soil, our crops in turn are nutrient-dense and flavorful.


This year we are focusing on providing our community the best possible fresh produce and eggs. Offering both deliveries to locals as well as pickup from our farm stand. If you're interested in growing your own we're available to support you throughout the process via our "Self Sufficiency" tab, establishing your own permaculture garden, designing a coop and adding backyard hens, or trying out beekeeping.

Alongside growing vegetables, we raise free range chickens, kiko goats -for milk and improving genetics in meat goat herds, quarter horses, livestock guardian dogs, three cats, as well as our two children Huxley and Adahlia. It's a busy & fulfilling life!


Learn to grow your own veggies, raise livestock and be as self-sufficient as possible. 

Learn to be self-sustainable, grow your own food & raise livestock, enjoy eating organically grown food fresh from the land.



Try your hand at milking, target grazing/land management. Do yoga with the goats, take them on a hike, or simply hang out with these affection animals.



Build outdoor awareness and skills through guided hikes on the trails.  


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