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About Us

Permaculture farming is a BIG step in the right direction and something we are so, so passionate about. The future of healthy food is knowing where your food comes from and how it is produced. The average North American meal contains food travels about 2000km from producer to plate and contains chemicals if you know about you wouldn't eat. This cycle of production and consumption sacrifices valuable resources along the way. Eating locally raised organically grown food reduces the carbon footprint and supports your local community.


We are on a mission to raise awareness for environmental integrity and healthy, sustainable lifestyle choices. It's time to eat seasonally and naturally from our earth- and that's why we are growing roots to supply local families, markets, and restaurants with our organic produce! 

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"an evergreen coniferous tree that has clusters of long needle-shaped leaves, often found growing among rocks and stones where there is almost no soil, beaten by winds and weather, they inspire us to rise above difficulties and persist against the odds.

In folklore mythology, they are frequently associated with dwelling places of fairies and gnomes, and thought of as benevolent, refreshing places where tired walkers can safely rest in the protective aura of the tree. They symbolize humbleness, good fortune and prosperity, fertility and protection."

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Whether you want to get set up with our Farm to Fork Boxes, meet the goats, do some yoga out in the woods, or simply just to say hi- we'd love to hear from you!

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Know Your Farmer


Graeme James Kelly

Passionate about self-sufficiency, off-grid living, restoring the integrity of the ground one walks on. He dove right into learning the best way possibly: by doing it.

Self-taught through trial and error beginning in 2017 the entire farm is a living testament of those hours spent researching and implementing different regenerative, biodynamic & permaculture practices.

Growing up Graeme was able to grow huge stalks of corn his next door neighbour didn't think was possible! He always wanted to be a farmer, and after meeting Chloe in 2011 that dream slowly morphed into a reality.

Graeme also studied Eco-tourism and Outdoor Leadership at Mount Royal University and has always felt he was here to enact some type of lasting change. He's passionate about teaching others how to grow their own food, even those who claim "they can't keep a house plant alive".


Chloe Jane Kelly

Idolizing the precious generations in her family, Chloe is thrilled to be living like the good old days. Goat shepherdess, chicken tender, cowgirl and mama to  Adahlia and Huxley, Chloe is the mother of the farm!  Living in harmony with the land & utilizing what you've got are two things she's come to live by.

Although motherhood has taken the forefront, her favorite things on the farm (besides the animals) are transplanting seedlings, baking, riding horses, pulling weeds, creating customer relationships and a nice hot cup of tea on the back step in the sunshine.

She has taught yoga and meditation, as well as horseback riding lessons and is excited to get back into both when the kids are a little older.

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Located in the Foothills, Alberta, T0L1W2

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