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An integral part of living alongside a large predator load with a farm full of easy prey. Livestock Guardian Dogs, or LGD's keep the farm safe by deterring them by barking and marking their territoryWe have cougars, packs of coyotes, bears, lynx, and fox. No one tries to cross the fence, and at night when you hear the dogs really barking you'll know something bigger is passing through.

Our breed of choice is the Sarplaninac crossed with a Maremma, they live full time with the goats. We also have a Tornjak X Czech Shepherd, who is our "glorified house dog", he sleeps inside and speaks dog, so if there's something amuck outside at night, we know. He also helps herd the goats, and most days we don't know what we'd do without him!

The Sarplaninac (shar-plan-ee-nats) is one of the oldest guardian breeds to exist, and many breeds we know today can be traced back to ancient lineages of the Sarplaninac. Originating in the Sar Mountains located in the Republic of Macedonia, this was the dog Alexander the Great was said to have brought home, and was one of the most appreciated dog breeds in Greek & Roman times.

The Sarplaninac is incredibly loyal, loving towards its family, distrustful to strangers, smart, independentstubborn and quick witted.

The Pastore Maremmano Abruzzese, or maremma sheepdog, originated in Italy where it has been used for many centuries as a flock guardian for sheep and goats. They date back at least 2,000 years they've been specifically bred to be independent thinkers and do best with lots of space to be active. Thought to be hard to train, their natural instincts have created them to be incredibly loyal to their family and excellent with children. White in colour, they were meant to blend in with the sheep to protect against wolves, and also if the shepherd needed to step in they were able to easily differentiate amidst an altercation.

Protect your property from unwanted visitors. Guard your livestock from predators.

If you want safety and peace of mind around your homestead / farm, look no further.

They are living with chickens and goats and exposed daily to cows, cats, horses, a pony and small children. Very gentle and unafraid of all, the cows lick them and the chickens share food, they sit and observe everything and are already incredibly independent. Capable of living outside year round even in Canadians winters with no cold paws.

These dogs are very adaptable, highly intelligent, independent, fiercely loyal, gentle and protective with their families, and a force to be reckoned with to anything unwanted. Truly the best breed we've owned, having had multiple German shepherd X's, Pyrenees, Rottweilers, and other breeds in the past.

We live in a high predator load area with an abundance of bears, coyote packs, foxes, and on occasion wolves. Our valley is well known for its high mountain lion population. We've never lost any livestock.

The puppies have been supplemented with raw goats milk daily as well as fresh egg yolks alongside their kibbles. They are very healthy and robust pups. They'll have received their first set of vaccinations and deworming dewormed prior to their sale.

To live on farms and acreages only.

$800 -

Bo - 3/4 Sarplaninac 1/4 Maremma


Sunder- 1/2 Sarplaninac 1/2 Maremma

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